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HOH® Water

HOH® Water

Our technology performs double-magnetising process to return the water into its natural/original structural arrangement and in fine clusters.

Therefore, we obtain HOH® Water with beautiful molecular arrangements in minute H-O-H rings with low ORP values (less oxidising) and low surface tension (faster re-hydration).

By consuming HOH® Water, water absorption and detoxification activities are performed from its very fundamental level via cellular aquaporins (the tiny holes in cell membrane). These activities are very important to body recovery and crucial for fitness.

Living in hot and humid climate, we tend to perspire a lot in day time as well as during sleep. We might not realise how much water we have lost via breathing, sweating and urination. If we only drink water when we feel thirsty, the amount of water consumed at one time might not be sufficient to replenish up to the need. Thus, we always encourage you to drink HOH® Water and be HOH®ydrated!

Morning : drink a cup or two HOH® Water (if you could) with little seasalt (for instance 1/4 teaspoonful) before taking breakfast.

Day time : take a total of 4 cups (approximately 1000ml) HOH® Water from time to time.

Night: Drink a cup of HOH® Water before sleep. This helps to take care of your body fluid during sleep.

You may drink more before and after exercising / sports to replenish the water losses.

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